Pride runs deep

Our By-Laws

Genuine Muscle

Car Club 


Est. 2007 as: Eastern Panhandle Camaro Association

Transitioned in 2012 as the Genuine Muscle Camaro & Firebird Club

Transitioned in 2016 as the Genuine Muscle Car Club 







  • The purpose of the Genuine Muscle Car Club is to support and encourage charitable giving to various charitable organizations while providing an outlet for General Motors muscle and pony car enthusiasts to organize and associate with other General Motors muscle and pony car enthusiasts in an effort to share knowledge of and preserve the history of the General Motor muscle and pony cars.



  • Pride Runs Deep



  • Red, White, & Blue



  • Open to anyone with an interest in General Motor muscle and pony cars who is at least 18 years old.



  • Dues will be $24 per family per year.
  • Dues should be paid by November 1st
  • If you become a member during the year, you will only be required to pay $2 a month for each remaining month.



  • Meetings will be held the last Saturday of each Month.
  • Emergency meetings can be held by the Board Members via telephone or e-mail in the event of an emergency or time-sensitive issue.



  • Elections for club officers are to be held at the September Meeting.
  • Officer elections will be done on a ballot and counted by a non-candidate.
  • Should an officer leave an office before their time is up, than the Board of Directors will nominate a replacement who will than be voted in by the membership.



  • For special events, a committee may be formed and will have a chairperson with volunteers that will report to the President as needed.



  • Will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Founder.
  • Provides meeting place.
  • Handles all club correspondences including receiving and distributing the mail.
  • Decides what members will maintain club items such as banners, Canopy’s, etc…
  • Acts as the main contacts for other persons trying to reach the club.
  • Appoints Club newsletter editor, Publisher, Printer and/or Webmaster.
  • Will be responsible with handling the Club’s Tax Status.
  • Will be responsible with handling the Club’s Organizational Status.
  • Is responsible for approving any media or publicity, including flyers, that the Club would need for recruitment, events, etc…






  • Will serve also as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Must have attended 50% of Club functions.
  • Has Veto power over the Board of Directors, however, Veto can be overridden by majority vote at a public meeting.
  • Can be called upon to cast a deciding vote in the event of a tie.



  • Would take the place of the President, should the President be unable to attend a meeting.
  • Serves on Board of Directors.
  • Is responsible with issuing and collecting fines and makes sure money is turned into the Treasurer.
  • Helps the Treasurer with Dues and Renewals.



  • Serves on Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for taking event attendance.
  • Responsible for keeping a list and contact information of members
  • Takes accurate notes of meetings and Club events for reporting to the membership and media.
  • Responsible for placing media ads and articles.



  • Handles all banking and bill paying for the Club.
  • Maintains a set of books with financial records for membership to view.
  • Maintains a checking account with the President as co-signer.
  • Receives Dues, Renewals, and other payments to the Club and records their origin.
  • Serves on Board of Directors


Charity Officer:

  • Responsible for working with the charitable organizations that we are working with at that time to see what their needs are and what we could do to help.
  • Is the liaison between the club and charitable organizations.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors 


Event Officer:

  • Responsible for planning and coordinating any event the club should host.
  • Will serve as the committee head of an event committee should it need to be formed.
  • Responsible for setting up any overnight trips the club would happen to go on.
  • Serves on the Board of Directors



  • No passing in convoy unless a reason requires it.
  • A member will be designated for each trip as the convoy leader.
  • The last car in line will pull over with anyone who breaks down and the convoy will continue to the nearest, safe stopping point.
  • Follow in convoy at a close, but safe distance.
  • All Camaros go first in the convoy unless special circumstances apply.
  • No horseplay, speeding, or burnouts. You represent the Club out there!
  • No alcoholic beverages should be consumed while driving at any times.
  • Cars unable to keep up may request the convoy to slow down.
  • Members are encouraged to have a 2-way radio and use channel 3 during a convoy.



  • All members will conduct themselves in an orderly manner to ensure and respect the rights of others and their property.
  • Members will obey any and all rules of any establishment where Club functions are held according to the proprietor of the location.
  • Members may not pose as a Club officer unless otherwise arranged.
  • Parties after Club events are not considered Club functions and members do so at their own discretion.
  • If five or more members represent the Club at a show, it is automatically a club event; someone must turn in an attendance record to the Secretary.
  • There shall be no racing or showboating of any kind at any Club event unless permitted and sanctioned by the host of the event. This includes car shows and cruise-ins.



  • A violation to the Code of Conduct will result in a fine.
  • First offense will result in a fine of $10.
  • Second offense will result in a fine of $20.
  • Third offense will result in a meeting with the Board of Directors, where the violation will be discussed and the fine can either be increased or in the worst case scenario, the member can be dismissed form the Club.
  • Upon dismissal, a refund of dues will not be made.
  • Not paying a fine within 30 days will result in the same set of offenses.



These By-Laws are for the safe and healthy running of the Genuine Muscle Car Club.


The Board of Directors reserves the right to vote anyone out if they do not adhere to them.