Pride runs deep

Get Togethers / Meetings

These are events where the members and any interested parties meet up, usually for ice cream, to just socialize and catch up with one another and to join in good fellowship and fun.



  - 25th @ 6pm at Mountaineer Grill & Pub in Martinsburg, WV



- 1st @ 6pm at Sweet Frog in Martinsburg, WV

- 6th @ 1:30pm at Buffalo Wild Wings in Martinsburg, WV

- 17th @ 6pm at Hoss's Steakhouse in Martinsburg, WV 

Car Shows, Cruise-Ins, or Events

These are events that the Club has decided are important enough that we should have a strong Club showing of members and their rides and therefore will get as many of the members to attend as a Club.


None Scheduled at This Time 

G.M.C.F.C. Shows and Cruise-Ins

These are shows and cruise-ins that Our Club will be hosting.


None Schedule at This Time