Pride runs deep

Why should I become a member?

By becoming a member, you can become a part of not just a Club, but a Family. We do many events throughout the year from ice cream get togethers, to days at the drag strip, to car shows, and even day cruises.

Maybe the biggest reason to become a member, is so you can be a part of one of the areas most respected and charitable car clubs. Our club has set a standard for what car clubs should be and represent. We strive to keep a clean and positive image, not only for our Club's sake, but to better the image of all car clubs.

By joining our club, you have an opportunity to be part of something bigger than just a few people getting together with their beloved rides. You have the chance to better the image and membership of all automotive clubs and give back to your local community in a fun and respectable way.

Is there a due to pay to be a member?

Unfortunately, there is a charge to be a member.

When we first started the club back in 2007, we did not charge any dues. As we progressed and grew as a club, it became harder and harder to operate with no money. In 2008 we started charging dues to help offset the operational cost of the club. We really did not want to do this, but it was necessary to keep the Club going and establish a solid bank account to allow us to host shows, picnics, and Club functions.

How much are the club dues?

Club dues are $24 per family per year. Our Club year is September through September. You will be charged $2 per month, depending on how many months are left in the club year. 

What does my money go towards?

All money from member dues goes strictly towards our Club's operational cost. The bulk of this cost is our 1 million dollar insurance policy, which insures us at any functions our Club throws or host. The money also goes toward event supplies such as signs, flyers, generator and fuel expenses, and promotional products. The money also goes towards our Club's insurance policy. Yes, we have our own insurance policy that covers us at any event we attend or host as a Club.

 So as you can see, the money is well spent!


How do I join?

To become a member of the Genuine Muscle Car Club, all you have to do is fill out the Membership E-Form on the website. There is a link for this on the left-hand side.

You can also get in touch with the Club President, Travis Murphy. There are two methods to do this:                         E-Mail (recommended): or Phone: (304)676-6985